How do you run reverse cycle heating efficiently?

Use your reverse-cycle air conditioner in heating mode this winter and you can save on heating bills right away. These systems are typically cheaper and more efficient to operate than most gas or electric heaters, including gas ducts, gas wall units, and electrical resistive heaters. See this comparison of the use of reverse cycle and gas duct heating in a suburban home. Most reverse cycle units have features that help heat and cool your home more efficiently, such as timers, human sensors, and zoning.

Turning off unused areas with the duct unit will reduce energy consumption. Set your timer to turn on the air conditioner before the outside temperature reaches its peak. For example, turning it on during the hottest park of the day will increase energy consumption, as the unit will have to work harder to cool your home. Choose an efficient reverse-cycle heating and cooling system that fits your home and lifestyle, while saving energy costs and reducing emissions.

For most Victorians, reverse-cycle split electrical systems are the most energy-efficient and lowest-cost heating option available and that generates the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. Factory Direct Home Air Conditioning Adelaide are experts in reverse cycle air conditioners and will be happy to help you with your air conditioning needs. If your home has a rooftop solar photovoltaic system, the benefits of heating with reverse-cycle electrical systems can be even greater.

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